generating renewable energy and sustainable future

Ocean Power Parks is a grid of multipurpose offshore platforms that combine renewable energy sources and other technologies to promote sustainability on a massive scale.

power of waves, wind and solar offshore

The whole concept builds on an idea of ensuring a future for life on our beautiful planet. Using the power of waves, wind, and the sun, Ocean Power Parks creates a unique combination of renewable sources to provide sustainable energy to humanity.

Future of renewable energy takes place in the ocean

The platforms are based on years of our founder's inventions, expanded to accommodate for the power generation and other technologies, such as biomass farming, CO2 scrubbing and many others that can be added to ensure that #lifesustained is the future for us all.


Vast ocean space allows scaling energy and food production massively without contributing to the land scarcity issue. It gives to the society needed room for healthy and safe coexistence while satisfying its needs.


Each primarily renewable energy generating platform provides an opportunity to add other sustainability-oriented technologies such as hydrogen and oxygen generation, mariculture, carbon dioxide scrubbing etc.


Platforms are designed the way that enables us to maximize the potential of all used technologies in particular grids. That is why we can ensure environmental sustainability and profitability at the same time.

Ocean Power Parks platform
A grid of multiple offshore units


We envision the world where humanity is reconnected to Earth and entirely run on renewable energy and sustainable sources.

Let’s ensure the continuity of life on our planet!