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About Ocean Power Parks

Ocean Power Parks was founded by Nader Hassavari in 2010 with the objective to develop, market, and distribute a clean ocean electricity product that offers and provides renewable and sustainable energy to the world. Ocean Power Parks mission is to supply clean ocean electricity at competitive prices while contributing to a reduction of the world’s carbon emissions. Ocean Power Parks present technology, a system that exploits the potential and kinetic energy of ocean waves, and wind with the goal of powering a generator that will produce energy, which in turn can be sold commercially to utility companies.

What is Ocean Power Parks?

The Technology

Ocean Power Parks (OPP) is first and foremost a wave power technology that utilizes the power from offshore ocean waves to generate energy. OPP's design solution solve the most important challenges when it comes to current wave power technology. The robust system is designed to better withstand the harsh conditions at sea, compared with conventional technologies. In addition, OPP is able to function as a low-cost platform for other offshore power technologies, such as offshore wind, solar power and facilitate hydrogen production. OPP has the capacity to produce 25 Mega Watt per hour, per unit.

How it Works

OPP utilizes the potential energy as well as the kinetic energy in offshore waves, thanks to the unique design of the pontoon float's edges and it's unique shape. It converts the horizontal movement of the wave (kinetic energy) into potential energy when the pontoon is moved by wave action. This is then transmitted in a vertical motion in relation to the plant via a drive, to a power-producing generator. The pontoon floats are able to cover a larger ocean area compared with existing alternatives and are mounted 360 degrees around the center column of the system. This design allows maximum energy generation on the sea surface areas or “footprint,” which is covered by a pontoon. Each pontoon operates independently and in the case of any unforeseen damages, this will not affect the energy generation of the other pontoons.

OPP as a Platform

The platform is a stable, wide surface that can facilitate a significant amount of Solar panels and wind turbines. During night or at times when the electricity isn’t utilized, it can be efficiently used for hydrogen production. Also during low (wave) season, the system will be able to produce hydrogen and oxygen, which will be stored and then transported to land by tank boats. During high (wave) season, OPP is able to increase its capacity by pumping seawater into the pontoons, increasing the weight, resulting in higher power output.

Business Plan

Ocean Power Parks has invested significant capital into the development of its technology, and is in the process of researching and testing the equipment’s feasibility for ongoing improvements before the Company begins production and full market launch. To date, the Company has worked directly with (FEDEM Technology today Part of SAP Germany) to perform hydrodynamic and structural analysis of its floating wave power generator concept through a dynamic simulation model in order to determine power production potential. Specifically, a wave power production system has been investigated in terms of CFD simulations to capture pontoon motions, dynamic structural analysis for estimating the overall power production and finite element capacity checks of the construction.

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"The ocean stirs the heart, inspires the imagination and brings eternal joy to the soul..."
Robert Wyland


Ocean Power Parks was developed over a period of almost ten years. Take a look at the different stages of prototypes.

Our Team Of Professionals

  • Team Member

    Nader Hassavari


    MA in Construction Engineering

    Over 25 years of experience in the construction industry of Norway Nader Hassavari started his career as a construction engineer. Ocean power parks is his brainchild, which he developed over the course of ten years with support from Innovation Norway.

    Team Member

    Mohsen Pourjavad


    M.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering
    Ph.D. in Petroleum Science (Drilling) from NTNU in Trondheim, Norway

    Experience as technical engineer and project manager at SINTEF Research. Technical Director and founder of FEM Engineering AS - an engineering consultancy company since 1994.

    Team Member

    Shirin Hasavari


    Ph.D. In software Design. MA, Computer Engineering

    Has worked with Ocean Power Parks since it’s inception.

  • Team Member

    Mary N. Hasavari


    MA Film
    BA Marketing

    Several years of experience in design, marketing and media. Owner of Matches Films. Has worked with Ocean Power Parks since it’s inception.

"The capacity check showed that the truss construction meets the design requirements when subjected to the global forces and moments occurring in storm condition..."
Fedem Report, 2013

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